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The Nestor Winery is the best stop on your wine road through Messinia. Our friendly staff will make you more than welcome and will see to it that your guided tour of our fascinating winery facilities is an enjoyable one. You’ll sample our lovingly crafted wines, journey into the past, and discover the history of the Messinia terroir of which we are an integral part. Our winery is open to visitors all year long from 9:00 to 16:00, every day except for Saturdays and Sundays. For any other time of the day visits or for Saturday and Sunday visits, please contact us at


Nestor Winery is located in Pyrgos Trifylias, one of the most bountiful areas of southwestern Messinia, and nestles amid vineyards and olive groves, north of the Bay of Navarino and just a few kilometers away from King Nestor’s ancient palace. Located in the heartland of the land of Messinia, our area is of singular historical importance: as corroborated by archaeological finds, winegrowing and winemaking have been taking place in Messinia for over 3,000 years. Pylos, a small, scenic village, is at a distance of 275 km from Athens. During Homeric times, Nestor, the King of Pylos, had his Mycenaean palace on the hill of Epano Englianos. Niokastro castle is the location of the palace and houses a museum. At a short distance from Pylos’ central square, visitors can view the Square of the Three Admirals (Plateia Trion Navarchon). The square was named after the monument standing in its center that commemorates the admirals who were instrumental in the Sea Battle of Navarino. From the location of the Nestor Winery, visitors have the opportunity to gaze at a breathtaking view of the Bay of Navarino. From atop Paleokastro (Old Castle) there is also a fantastic view of the beach of Voidokoilia and the Yalova lagoon. Both locations are protected wetlands and are part of the NATURA Network. The beach of Voidokoilia is a true natural gem which is only 10 k away from Pylos. It lies in the shadow of a formidable rock. Paleokastro is perched atop that rock. The Yalova lagoon is right behind the beach of Voidokoilia. Many are the beaches in the area that are worth visiting but do not miss out on the opportunity to visit the sprawling beach Chrysi Akti-Divari. Not only does it have the longest stretch of all other beaches but it also overlooks the lovely islet of Sfaktiria. Carreta carreta, the loggerhead sea turtle, lays its eggs at the beach of Kalo Nero. If you feel adventurous, the gorge and waterfalls of the River Neda is close by. For a great swim go a little to the north and visit the beach of Lagouvardos or work your way to the nearby fishing village of Marathopolis for fresh, grilled fish. Methoni, Koroni, and Finikounta are towns on the other side but still relatively close to Nestor Winery where unrivalled natural vistas and medieval castles rising above vineyards and olive groves await you. Another nearby destination is Polylimnio where you can hike around and explore a uniquely beautiful natural terrain of 15 lakes and waterfalls. Christianoupolis is another spot worth visiting. The village is built at the foot of Mount Aigaleo and it is the location of the Church of Metamorfosis tou Sotiros (Christ’s Transfiguration), a superb, 11th-century Byzantine monument.



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